CLSZ /// 2017-...

CLSZ is another take (after Spectral Score (LINK)) at combining live improvising musicians with digital technology.

CLSZ is a trio comprised of experienced musicians with solid jazz background and experimental approach - Kamil Szuszkiewicz (trumpet), Artur Lipinski (drums/percussion) and myself (bass/tenor bass). We use sound-reactive Pure Data patches, such as these used in process 1/2 (LINK), or similar to the one used in "String Box" - one of the Feedboxes (LINK). These patches are "autonomous" in a sense that they don't need direct control, rather they respond to what live musicians play, so there's no need for use of midi controllers (other than for changing a patch or turning certain featires on and off).

There's a constant interaction between musicians and sounds generated by software, as the sounds played by live instruments influence the behaviour of Pd patches, and, in turn, sounds generated by Pd are provoking new musical responses from instrumentalists, creating a kind of indirect feedback loop. Thus, the specific patches used create frameworks for improvised pieces, but allowing the freedom to shape the music.

Below is a live-in-studio recording of CLSZ, accompanied by generative video (Processing + some analogue post-production), followed by a performance captured at Spatif club in Warsaw.