PROCESS 1/PROCESS 2 /// 2014 - 2017

Process 1/Process 2 is a practical realisation of my understending of "process music". The basis of the processes is two little pieces of software (patched in Pure Data) transform the sound of the instrument in ways determined by what was previously played. Software is controled only by the sound itself (no midi controllers are needed to perform). When a musician first approaches the situation, he/she might improvise whatever he/she wishes, but soon would realise, that certain melodic or harmonic figures are rewarded by interesting and inspiring responses, while other produce uninteresting or chaotic results. By spending some time with the software, the musician shapes the improvisation in a way that brings the most favourable responses, thus finding him/herself in the process - neither playing a composed piece of music, nor freely improvising, but being in between, guided by software responses. Musical results of the processes vary from performance to performance, but they have some elements in common, making the "process music piece" recognizable as the same musical entity.

Process 1/Process 2, as well as some other sound-reactive Pd patches, are used by my improvising trio with Artur Lipiński and Kamil Szuszkiewicz: