FEEDBOXES /// 2016

New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference, 2017 (demo)

Feedboxes are sound toys that react to incoming sound in simple, predefined manner. Yet, when used together, their behaviour may become quite complex. Each of the boxes comprises of simple android smartphone with custom Pure Data patch, powered speaker and gooseneck microphone. Sound is their only means of communication - they "listen" wit the microphone and "speak" with the speaker. Each of two boxes has its own sound and set of simple "rules":

- rhythm box generates semi-random beat, the complexity of which depends on the volume of incoming audio signal;
- string box generates plucked or strummed 4-note chords (made with Karplus-Strong synthesis) based on short, percussive sounds. Quieter sounds pluck all notes at once, louder sounds strums one note after another. Playing or singing long notes (more than a second) allows changing the harmonic content of the chord;

The boxes could be used together with any instrument, or they could create a feedback loop by listening and responding to each other, creating ever-changing rhythmic structures. Feedboxes use PdDroidParty by Chris Mccormick (based on libpd library) to run Pure Data patches on Android devices.

Feedboxes were featured as a demo and published in proceedings of New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference in 2017 (LINK)

Feedboxes were also featured in CREATE DIGITAL MUSIC blog.