Guthman Instrument Competition semifinal, 2015

Feedback Synth is a proof-of-concept instrument which aims to control the frequency of acoustic feedback with midi keyboard. The instrument consists of small speaker and microphone, enclosed in polycarbonate box, that create acoustic feedback loop. The speaker is mounted on a pan/tilt head, allowing for 180 degrees movement in two planes. Movement of the head is controlled by dedicated software.

In PHASE ONE the speaker is moved through all possible positions, scanning for all possible feedback frequencies. Dedicated software analyzes the frequencies and saves them, together with information about positions of the speaker. In PHASE TWO it's possible to play back certain frequencies by playing a midi keyboard, which recalls position of the speaker in which the frequency occured during PHASE ONE.

Feedback synth was featured in semifinals of Guthman Instrument Competition at Georgia Tech in 2015 (LINK) and at DNI MUZYKI NOWEJ Festival in 2016.
It has been also mentioned in CREATE DIGITAL MUSIC blog (LINK).