AAAA (Acoustic Augmented Actuated Autonomous) /// 2020-2024

Warsaw Autumn Festival, 2023

AAAA is a multidisciplinary project developed from scratch, all aspects of which - timbral, compositional, and performative - are equally vital parts of the complete work. The project encompasses elements of sound engineering, composition, and musical performance.

During the course of the work on the project, I've built three new, acoustic-digital musical instruments. The pitch of their sound can be controlled via software, utilizing a series of algorithms which offer varying degrees of interference in the actions of improvising musicians. The remaining sound parameters - timbre, dynamics, articulation, and rhythm - can be fully controlled by the performers.

One of the goals of the project is to explore the boundaries between improvisation and composition, combining the search for the minimal number of factors constituting composition, with techniques from the generative art field. The instruments are used as a means to provoke the performers into selecting specific notes or to narrow down the choice of notes to certain scales, creating a form of an equivalent of aleatoric composition. The process of new instruments building, aside from serving the purpose of achieving new timbral qualities, aims to direct the performers into specific musical actions or to suggest certain musical solutions. The digital aspect of the instruments is intended to facilitate smooth changes in the instruments' impact on the behavior of the improvisers.