Warsaw Autumn Festival, 2022 (performance)
New Interfaces for Musical Expression conference, 2020 (performance)

Modular Process Music is a concept / set of instruments designed to create improvised music in a new way. The title can be understood in 3 ways:
- "process music" - a method of creating the music where a composer/artist doesn't create fixed piece; rather he's designing a process which, in turn, generates the music;
- "modular process" - a process that could be redesigned on the fly by changing the order and relationships of several sound modules;
- "modular music" - a piece of music comprising of modules, or parts, which can be reassembled and rearranged freely on the go.

The instruments communicate with each other through sound itself, in the same way as improvising musicians do. Unlike a typical modular synth, rather than connecting the modules with patchcords, each instrument has a speaker and a gooseneck microphone, so they can listen to each other or to any other external sounds. Some of the instruments are controlled only with sound, other could be also controlled manually. The instruments are designed to make their interactions and the process of creating sound clearly visible and comprehensible to the audience - visual feedback is provided by mechanical movement of the elements.

The project consists of 7 instruments. Each of them can work independently, but they could also be combined together in a number of different ways:
- Tape Sampler is a digitally controlled analog tape recorder, with the ability to sequence tape speed and direction of movement;
- Memo/move is a midi controller with 3 motorized faders, which can loop the actual fader movements, rather than the sound itself;
- Memo/move works together with Granular Sampler, allowing for capturing and manipulation of the sound on the fly;
- Igafon and Igafon Pro are lo-fi samplers, Igafon Pro's sound can be also triggered by external sounds;
- Rhythm Box V.2 creates ever-changing rhythmical structures, complexity of which is based on the volume of external sound;
- String Box V.2 creates harmonies based on notes detected in external sounds, it can be triggered by short percussive sounds.

Rhythm Box and String Box were created in late 2016 as "Feedboxes", but their software had been rewritten in 2019 to suit the Modular Process Music project. The project can be presented as a performance and / or workshop; some of the instruments can be also presented as interactive objects / installations.